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cucina con ante in spessore 3 cm.

cucina in noce Vinterio e laccato

cucina in legno e laccato

cucina in legno e Corian

Italian kitchen with 45° door-edge 

cucina a disegno in Corian

cucina con isola e bancone

cucina con anta a telaio laccata poro aperto

Cucina in vetro Aliant Stosa

Cucina in Dolcevita Stosa

Dekton kitchen worktop 

Kitchen Box is a transforming mini-kitchen that can be integrated into the Living & Young System for dynamic and multi-functional rooms. The foldaway kitchenette in the Basic and Plus versions, with melamine and lacquered finishes, consists of a linear, modular kitchen unit connected to a fully-equipped revolving door that opens like a book and serves...

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