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divano con profondit XL

Desiree Lacoon rounded shape sofa

Swivel round sofa Lacoon Island by Desiree Enveloping and curvy, soft and fun-loving, Desiree Lacoon is an “island” made to relax on.The Lacoon island is an extension of the collection that already includes a sofa and an armchair. A swivel version and a two-tone fabric cover are available on request. We ship worldwide. Please contact us for better offer.

designer: Marc Sadler. Desiree Monopoli sofas have a strong personality and a style that can be interpreted in a very versatile way. The philosophy behind it and its modularity makes it become a natural part of the exclusive Glow-in system.  Please contact us for private offer.  We ship worldwide.

Il salotto Platz di Desiree ha una base in metallo cromato che sorregge una struttura in alluminio leggera. La struttura triangolare di Platz, verniciata o rivestita, sostiene le imbottiture. Il bracciolo sporge leggermente sul lato. I cuscini e le sedute in piuma di Platz lo rendono estremamente confortevole.

divano capitonn

divano dalla forma tondeggiante

divano con basamento intero

divano a blocchi componibile

divano componibile con schienale rialzabile

Agon sofa by Dsire

Di Tre Italia Antigua sofa

Di Tre Italia Ecléctico sofa

Di Tre Italia Kanaha sofa

Di Tre Italia Lennox sofa

Di Tre Italia Monolith sofa

Wall unit Rebel FIMAR r01

Pareti attrezzate FIMAR r02

Pareti attrezzate FIMAR r03

Pareti attrezzate FIMAR r04

Pareti attrezzate FIMAR r05

Atlante cupboard by Porada. 

Hamilton sideboard by Porada. 

Koster armchair by Desiree Koster seat has a dynamic, unstructured shape that dates back to the 50s and has survived many historical periods and fashions. The version that has reached us today is perfectly up-to-date, beautifully harmonising with the contemporary style of any place devoted to hospitality.

Kara chair, design Mark Sadler

Leather sofa Rigoletto by Cierre

Leather sofa Aida by Cierre

Leather sofa Dolcevita by Cierre

Leather sofa Margot by Cierre

Leather sofa Miami by Cierre

Leather sofa New York by Cierre

Leather sofa Nick by Cierre

Leather sofa Symphony by Cierre

Desiree Overplan sofa

Desiree Lovely day sofa Overplan by Desirèe is a free-standing sofa designed for socialising with friends or for romantically intimate conversations for two. The sculptural, metal feet raise the sofa off the floor, conveying a feeling of lightness and giving it a clean-cut, contemporary appeal.

Avì Es is an elegant, contemporary Desiree sofa that brings back memories and features cocooning lines and a minimalist base in matt bronze-coloured metal. Avì Es by Desiree sofa is the result of pairing a gently curving, wraparound structure with soft seat and back cushions that encourage pleasant conversation.

Poltrona Alasia by Desiree design Setsu & Shinobu Ito Desirèe propone Alasia, una poltrona elegante e armoniosa, caratterizzata da uno schienale curvilineo che si integra ai braccioli e all’elegante base in legno. Questo modello di imbottito, dalla linea “evergreen”, conferisce alla persona un confort rassicurante e avvolgente.

Tomo by Desiree

Swivel round sofa Lacoon Island by Desiree

Novamobili Pontile is a new modular shelving system designed by Philippe Nigro that is flexible in its configuration. It can adapt to suit the space requirements of a whole host of different situations, becoming a solution capable of offering alternative storage options in various rooms of the home, such as the study, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

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