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Letto in legno

letto tessile

letto matrimoniale tessile con testiera arrotondata

letto tessile matrimoniale con piedini in legno

Letto matrimoniale tessile sfoderabile

Letoto matrimoniale tessile

letto matrimoniale in legno con testata tessile

letto matrimoniale tessile

Tang Jesse design

Tullybed by Jesse design

Novamobili Alfa battente wardrobes

Novamobili Class sliding door wardrobes 

Novamobili Crystall sliding door wardrobes 

Novamobili Crystall battente wardrobes

Novamobili Gola battente wardrobes

Letto Ghirigori realizzato da Cantori in ferro piatto trafilato, particolari tagliati a laser e bombati a freddo, saldature a filo interamente levigate manualmente. 

Bed made of laser-cut flat-iron, continuous wire feed welds entirely hand-rubbed. 

Velvet is a padded bed featuring a soft headboard that opens up its wings inviting a hug. The bed completes the Velvet collection of upholstery items for the living area – sofa, armchair and ottoman – echoing its flowing, sinuous lines.

Harmony, balance and light-looking frames are inspired by the Japanese culture. Minimalist, elegant lines design an understated yet evocative bed. Solid ash or walnut wood is elaborately processed. Milled and turned with the skill of a craftsman, it becomes perfectly smooth and rounded. 

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