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Novamobili Alfa battente wardrobes

Novamobili Class sliding door wardrobes 

Novamobili Crystall sliding door wardrobes 

Novamobili Crystall battente wardrobes

Novamobili Gola battente wardrobes

Novamobili Pontile is a new modular shelving system designed by Philippe Nigro that is flexible in its configuration. It can adapt to suit the space requirements of a whole host of different situations, becoming a solution capable of offering alternative storage options in various rooms of the home, such as the study, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

Velvet is a padded bed featuring a soft headboard that opens up its wings inviting a hug. The bed completes the Velvet collection of upholstery items for the living area – sofa, armchair and ottoman – echoing its flowing, sinuous lines.

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