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cameretta Nidi doppia con scrivania a misura

Cameretta doppia con letti a terra

cameretta con castello e cabina angolare

cameretta con letto a castello e scrivania

cameretta con letti a castello e scaletta

bridge-bunk child bedroom by Doimo cityline 202

Castello Luna scorrevole con cabina Kubo

cameretta con boiserie scorrevole

cameretta con letto castello angolare e armadio a ponte

cameretta con castello e scrivania

Cameretta con castello doppio - La Tana del lupo

Cameretta castello scorrevole con scrivania

cameretta con castello basso e cabina

cameretta con castello basso

child bedroom Doimo Cityline with sliding bunk bed

cameretta a castello con cabina armadio

cameretta con letto castello doppio e armadio

cameretta a castello

cameretta letto soppalco

903 by Doimo Cityline

906 by Doimo Cityline

Cameretta doppia Zalf 017

Cameretta doppia Zalf 020

Badroom Halley Batticuore 27-28BC

Doimo Cityline COMP H130: The large Qik Light wardrobe becomes an architectural feature, maximising storage space with a shelf-free upper part. Alternating doors in two contrasting colours, titanio and bianco, with the frassino Normandie end panel and Take jeans coloured handles creates a stunning vertical effect.

Doimo Cityline COMP G030: Tana del lupo is great for making the most of the space under the bed: on the right a cupboard, on the left a practical storage area to use for toys and other things.

Doimo Cityline COMP G020: The linear version of Tana del lupo is a space saving solution that turns a room into a kids’ game.

Free-form bedroom for Kids NIDI  Space3 PHILOSOPHY: With our collections,  we are drawing the boundaries of a colourful world built around the needs  of its inhabitants and designing solutions that will transform it as time passes, accompanying kids and teens on their journey through each new stage of life.

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