loft child bedroom 

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cameretta con letto a soppalco

cameretta letto soppalco

Soppalco angolare Giotto Junior scorrevole

Soppalco Luna scorrevole con armadio Qik

Doimo Cityline COMP G010: Tana del lupo system is available in a number of configurations because it is a multi-function mezzanine platform, a perfect combination of creativity, functionality and manufacturing skills. The system can be used to customise a kid’s or junior’s sleeping area by equipping it to needs with a bunk bed, bedside tables, protective...

Doimo Cityline COMP G030: Tana del lupo is great for making the most of the space under the bed: on the right a cupboard, on the left a practical storage area to use for toys and other things.

Doimo Cityline COMP G020: The linear version of Tana del lupo is a space saving solution that turns a room into a kids’ game.

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