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Eco - Paperstone kitchen
Eco - Paperstone kitchen
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Eco - Paperstone kitchen


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Design Alessio Bassan

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A new, audacious project that utilizes a new material made from recycled, eco-friendly paper. The added value stems from the meticulous and at the same time original design featuring a checkerboard top that enhances the beauty of the product. A point where a new sensitivity comes into play along with passion for design. The surprise lies in the innovative use of a new material. PaperStone© is composed of recycled paper fiber and non-petroleum-based resins. The modular surface in four different shades is the distinguishing features of this monolithic unit suspended on a recessed base. Meticulous attention has been paid to details, such as the sink made of PaperStone© with sunken taps and the board, which provides extra preparation space. The recessed grip handle makes opening the doors easier without interrupting the smooth, clean aesthetic design.

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