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Teens bedroom NIDI My Studio
Teens bedroom NIDI My Studio
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Teens bedroom NIDI My Studio


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Teens bedroom NIDI My Studio

PHILOSOPHY: With our collections,  we are drawing the boundaries of a colourful world built around the needs  
of its inhabitants and designing solutions that will transform it as time passes, accompanying kids and teens on their journey through each new stage of life.

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DESIGN: Inspired by the needs and wants  of kids and teens, we endeavour  to design spaces just as they would.

EMOTION: The bedroom is a story. Furniture, complements, accessories and  colours are elements of a unique,  personal narrative.

COLOUR: Like our imagination, colour works its way everywhere.

FLEXIBILITY: As kids and teens grow, their needs,  passions and tastes change, as does their bedroom, which adapts and  transforms with them.

(IM)PERFECTION: We design spaces to embrace the imperfect and wonderful  world of kids and teens.

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