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Doimo Cityline - 114
Doimo Cityline - 114
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Doimo Cityline - 114


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Qik system, honeycomb wall units and Giotto 18 equipped bed. The perfect mix of storage units.

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1 - QIK. The Qik modular storage units programme permits concrete and easy-to-interpret planning. Thanks to the Qik system elements, specialised storage solutions can be achieved: linear bridges, corners, corner closets and Kubo walk-in closets, as well as a broad-modularity closet programme. The main characteristics of the Qik line are: Heights up to 296 cm and widths up to 120 cm. Structures made in all sample range faced colors. Swing fronts available in faced finish with straight or postformed edge or in smooth or textured lacquered finishes with straight edge only. 2.5 cm thick standard shelves. Back panels with colours coordinated with structure in standard colors. Interiors personalised as required with specialised fittings and LED light with sensor, pull-down coat-hanger unit and interior drawer units. Handles coordinated in terms of appearance and finishes, available in fashion colours. 4 cm base and upper top can be  personalised in all melamine and lacquered colours:  a strong sign of quality and design.

2 - STUDY AREA. Elegant study area, made with a perfect mix of honeycomb wall storage units and 4 cm thick shelves combined with a 4 cm thick shaped writing desk, also available to personalised drawing, resting on a storage element at the rear of the bed with pull-out bedside unit, an example of how Doimo Cityline leaves nothing to chance.

3 - COMPLEMENTARY ACCESSORIES. Giotto 18 equipped bed: while it may be true that pull-out beds are usually used for surprise visits, this does not mean guests should not sleep comfortably. That's why Doimo Cytyline designed this practical, equipped bed with 2 drawers and a second pull-out bed ready to receive a real 18 cm thick spring mattress.

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